Close Calls for Cumberland Trooper

by | Apr 12, 2015 | Confederate affiliation, Cumberland

James Larkin Bedsole, of the Cedar Creek area in Cumberland County, was a private in the Confederate States Army, serving in the 36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd company C. I have found his name on records that show him transported from Fayetteville to Wilmington by boat when he joined. He was a corporal at one time, but was demoted to private. I do not know why he was demoted. His pension application states that he was wounded when his horse fell on him while he was riding dispatch during the Battle of Fort Fisher. My father told me that Larkin once drove a wagon in an artillery unit when the gunfire was so heavy that the mule’s ears were shot off. Larkin survived the war and was married twice. He fathered many children. He is buried in Cedar Creek. I have visited his grave. His brothers Travis and Thomas were wounded, but also survived the war. Travis is buried in a CSA grave in Fayetteville. There is a very good link for Larkin on the Cumberland Plough Boys website. Unfortunately, I failed to tap Dad’s and Grandfather’s memories before they died. What I would give now for that opportunity.

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